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Welcome to the official home and pride land of Simba Educational and Adventure Tours. Our Head office is conveniently located in South Africa as most of our tours start and end from there.

We strive to offer our clients with a 100% Authentic African experience on all our tours. Offering a one stop service where we plan your trip from start to finish leaving you with maximum satisfaction. We assist in all the necessary travel arrangements (bus / plane / train), itinerary design and management, bookings and reservations in all the desired activities.

When choosing our partners we have a stringent assessment and accreditation process so as to provide our clients with the best, quality, reliable, efficient and value for money service.

School Group Tours

The young generation being the future custodians of our natural flora and fauna. We aim to educate them about nature conservation by offering tailor made tours to various destinations.

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Day & Overnight Tours

We offer tours ranging from half day to full day to various destinations in and around the Joburg area. We assist you in handling the travel arrangements, bookings and reservations.

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Team Buildings And Conferences

We cater for all team bullding activities, end of year functions and conferences. Our clientele ranges from corporates, government institutions, churches and individual groups.

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Southern Africa Safari Tours

For the ultimate safari experience that takies you through Kruger National Park, Great Zimbabwe Ruins, Victoria Falls, Chobe National Park and The Untouched Okavango Delta.

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